Registration of food supplements

According to the requirements of the Regulations No 725 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 September 2005 "Regulations regarding the Mandatory Harmlessness and Labelling Requirements for Food Supplements and the Procedures for Registration of Food Supplements", food supplements have to be registered in Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia or a notification has to be submitted on placing the products on the market (in case the food supplement has been produced, registered or marketed in any country of the European Economic Area).

LATSERT provides the service-assistance with registration or notification of a food supplement. We will evaluate the composition of the food supplement, collect and prepare for submitting the required package of documents, prepare a sample of the label text and submit all for registration or notification.


Often companies operating in the field of food supplements only need advice on individual matters. In such situations LATSERT advisory assistance is provided regarding to the EU regulatory requirements for food supplements about: 

  • permitted ingredients (including in the context of novel  food regulation) 

  • safety criteria 

  • labelling (labels, packaging, promotional materials)

  • energy value and nutritional value 

  • packaging materials 

  • food supplement registration procedures or other matters.

We provide help with preparation of the product labelling texts that comply with the regulatory requirements, including those related to health claims.

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