LATSERT was founded in 1994 with the order of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia as an authority of the Ministry of Welfare. Currently LATSERT, like other European Union conformity assessment bodies, operates as a private company. During its operation LATSERT has grown purposefully, while evolving both professionally and in terms of technical support, and developing a range of unique services, which yet have no analogues in Latvia and Baltic States, thus securing its leading position in its field of activity of product certification and testing.

LATSERT started its activities as an assessment body offering only certification services in three product groups (food, toys, cosmetics), while currently it provides certification, testing, training, expertise, consulting as well as other services in more than 10 product groups.

LATSERT was the first product certification and testing institution in Latvia accredited according to the European requirements. LATSERT accreditation in 1996 in the German national system (DAR) was an important step not only for the recognition of LATSERT in Europe but also for the development of Latvian national quality assurance system.

Currently LATSERT is accredited in the EU in all the conformity assessment areas included in its field of activity and it is the EU notified and Latvian authorized body for product assessment of products in accordance with more than 20 regulations.