Safety of child articles- products that are intended to be used by or for children - is important as the user – CHILD – is vulnerable.

Requirements set in the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) are applied to goods that are intended for children. The aim of these requirements is to ensure that all the children's products offered on the EU market are safe for children, namely, they will not cause any threats to the child and will not adversely affect the child's health neither during short-term, nor long-term use – due to improper design, inadequate information or harmful, potentially dangerous components.

Large part of the products may be related to a potential risk to the child, such as strangulation with blind cords, clothing and hood drawstrings, injuries from playground equipment, baby perambulators, high chairs, walkers, and other risks related to child use and care articles.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers are obliged to place only safe products on the market that are made pursuant to the requirements of the standards of the European standards and regulations of the European Community and the member states applicable to particular products.

Product safety is controlled by competent authorities in each member state, in Latvia it is done by Consumer Rights Protection Centre. Each member state regularly provides information on products dangerous to consumers found on the EU market to the EU's rapid alert system RAPEX.  


While taking care of the safety of children's products offered on the market, wide-ranging expertise of LATSERT experts, as well as the laboratory's technical capabilities may be useful to support entrepreneurs in certifying the product conformity. 

LATSERT offers: 

  • testing, also according to the requirements of EN standards,

  • testing of physical, mechanical, chemical and microbiological characteristics, 

  • solutions for voluntary certification of children's products; 

  • assessment of product safety according to the requirements of EN standards. 

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