Consultations - Determination of energy and nutritional value

Under the new EU labelling regulation - European Parliament and Council Regulation No 1169/2011 almost all food labelling after 13 December 2016 must contain information of its energy and nutritional value (fats, carbohydrates, proteins, saturates, sugars, salt, etc.). 

Until the aforementioned date, this information is mandatory only in some cases, but when providing it voluntarily, one must comply with a number of mandatory conditions. 

The mandatory nutrition declaration about energy and nutritional value shall be based on the manufacturer’s analysis of the food, a calculation from the known or actual average values of the ingredients used or a calculation from generally established and accepted data.

LATSERT assists businesses in preparing information on energy value and nutritional value in accordance with the regulations, by offering: 

  • theoretical calculations of energy and nutritional value

  • product testing for purposes of determining energy and nutritional value 

  • consultations on how to present the nutrition declaration on the product labelling 

  • consultations based on the European Union recommendations on the choice and approximation of the average values resulting from the calculations and testing of products, comparison of the test results with theoretical calculations etc. 

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