Consultations - Product labelling

Often the product label is used as a marketing tool to encourage consumers to choose the product of a particular manufacturer or distributor. However, the main aim of the labelling should be to provide information about the particular product to the consumer. 

There are EU regulatory requirements for a number of products as to how to create the label text, what pictures or symbols may or may not be placed on the labels, what warnings or additional statements should be used, what size of characters should be used for different indications, etc..

LATSERT offers the following services for companies to ensure product labelling conformity:

  • preparation of the labelling text on the basis of submitted  information (a recipe, quality documents, specifications etc.)

  • verification with consecutive correction and/or translation  of already prepared labelling

  • issuing a conclusion on conformity of labelling to the regulatory requirements

  • providing recommendations for particular information or statements, for example appropriate product name, list of ingredients, expiry date, health claims etc.

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