Field of activity

LATSERT is an independent conformity assessment body providing product certification and testing, training, expertise and other services.

Services provided by LATSERT include a number of unique services that have no analogues in Latvia and Baltic States, for example, testing of toys and playground equipment, tobacco products, biofuels, lighters and other products.

Notification and authorization


EC notified body under the Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 – CE certification of fertilisers under module B (institution No. 1326);

EC notified body under the Directive 2009/48/EC – Safety of Toys (institution No. 1326);

EC approved laboratories for testing of cigarettes, fertilizers and wine;

Latvian authorized body for certification of natural mineral water, toys, fuel and biofuel; testing of fertilizers, marked fuel, denatured alcohol, fuel, biofuel and lighters.


LATSERT is accredited in all the conformity assessment areas included in its field of activity:

  • certification of products (LATAK-S1-081); 

  • testing (LATAK-T-138).

Clients and business partners

Our clients include multinational companies and businesses of different sizes from more than 15 countries, as well as the state surveillance institutions of Baltic States and other countries.