Fuel, including biofuel, offered on the European Union market must comply with the requirements of EU directives and the legislation of respective EU member states.

While operating in the EU market, companies often have to ensure conformity of fuel to several EN standards, such as

  • EN 590 Automotive fuels-Diesel-Requirements and test methods

  • EN 228 Automotive fuels - Unleaded petrol - Requirements and test methods

  • EN 14214 Liquid petroleum products - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) for use in diesel engines and heating applications - Requirements and test methods

  • CEN/TS 15293 Automotive fuels - Ethanol (E85) automotive fuel - Requirements and test methods

For more than 10 years Latvian Certification Centre has been working in the field of fuel conformity assessment and testing, providing fuel assessment to the quality requirements set out in all the above-mentioned EU regulations and EN standards