Cosmetic products – composition, labelling, purity criteria

European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, which entered into force on 11 July 2013, sets out a series of new requirements, including the requirement of submitting a notification on cosmetic products offered on the EU market to the European Commission via the single EC portal CPNP – (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal). 

During the notification process, data on the composition of cosmetic products and label samples, which are later available to the competent authorities of the EU member states, are entered in the CPNP portal among other information. 

To minimize the risks that are associated with the non-compliance with the aforementioned and other requirements of the EU Regulation No 1223/2009, LATSERT carries out:

  • examination of formulation/ingredient list and/or labelling of the cosmetic product and identification of the necessary corrections before entering them into the CPNP site or for other business purposes, including:

    • the use of banned and restricted substances

    • the accuracy of ingredient names used 

    • conformity of the labels and/or promotional materials to the requirements of the Regulation No 1223/2009, stated information in recipe and other data

    • testing of the cosmetic products to determine their physical - chemical characteristics for preparation of the Product Information File or other purposes and 

other types of expertise

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