Expertise - Food Supplements – conformity to the EU requirements

 It is allowed to offer food supplements on the EU market only if they: 

  • are produced legally

  • do not contain active substances in a quantity that would allow them to be classified as drugs 

  • do not contain prohibited food additives and the quantity of permitted food additives does not exceed the established levels 

  • do not contain contaminants in prohibited amounts 

  • have not been treated with ionizing radiation 

  • are properly labelled and registered/notified in particular EU member state

To make sure that the food supplement conforms to all the relevant European requirements, you can use LATSERT service – assessment of food supplements. 

LATSERT carries out food supplement examination on: 

  • product ingredients 

  • the use of food additives

  • compliance with the safety criteria 

  • conformity of the labelling, including the health claims or nutrition claims used 

  • packaging materials used 

  • or other matters of interest to the business. 

After the examination you will get a conclusion stating that the product conforms to the EU requirements or detailed information about corrective actions necessary to ensure the conformity of the product.

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