Expertise – Other products – Conclusions on conformity

According to the EU Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety, manufacturer or distributor of any product may not sell, supply or distribute in any way goods that do not meet the safety requirements, as well as goods on the safety of which this person does not have sufficient evidence. 

This means that the entrepreneur must have the information and impartial evidence of conformity product before the product is placed on the EU market, including certificates and test reports to demonstrate the product's conformity to the EU requirements. The existence of such evidence is particularly important in cases when the products are imported from third countries whose legislation on product safety is different from the one in the EU.

If you manufacture or distribute such products as hygiene products, paper towels and napkins, household products or any other products, and you're interested in getting an approval of an independent body on the conformity of the product, LATSERT may, depending on the specific need:

  • carry out the testing and/or conformity assessment of the submitted products in relation to safety and/or customer-defined requirements 

  • to issue a conclusion/opinion on product conformity

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