Testing. Childcare articles.

LATSERT laboratory carries out testing of children's products, determining the conformity of samples to safety criteria set in :

  • EN standards:

    • EN 14682 Safety of children's clothing - Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing – Specifications

    • EN 14878 Textiles - Burning behaviour of children's nightwear – Specification

    • EN 14350-1 Child use and care articles - Drinking equipment - Part 1: General and mechanical requirements and tests

    • EN 14372 Child use and care articles - Cutlery and feeding utensils - Safety requirements and tests

    • EN 12221 Child use and care articles - Changing units for domestic use - Part 1: Safety requirements

    • EN 14765 Bicycles for young children - Safety requirements and test methods

  • EU regulations, such as REACH regulation, in relation to harmful substances, the use or content of which in children's products is specifically limited;

  • the quality requirements declared by the manufacturer; general hygiene requirements related to the type, type of use or the materials used in the products being assessed

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