Other foodstuffs – Certification

Every company involved in the food chain – manufacturers, importers, distributors – is responsible for the conformity of products placed on the EU market to the EU regulatory requirements. 

Companies are obliged to be aware of all potential food safety hazards, and purposefully carry out the necessary measures to reduce potential risks to consumers' health.

Certificates issued by an independent, internationally recognized institution (LATSERT) – Certificate of conformity, Health certificate or Free sale certificate – will help the company to gain: 

  • confidence about the conformity of its manufactured or supplied goods; 

  • confidence about the ability of the potential business partner - manufacturer from a third country to produce goods that conform to the requirements of the EU etc.

LATSERT during the certification process evaluates conformity of products to the EU regulatory requirements, requirements of international standards, the criteria set by the applicant and/or declared in the specifications.

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